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This update made on 3/10/2010

My "fanbid" idea was not financially successful enough to continue doing it.  If anyone makes a bid on a song that is not already on the list, I am returning the money to them.  I still keep the list of songs up that were bid on so that, in case I am ever able to start programming them, I will, but the bids never got high enough for me to make choosing a song from the top of the list and programming it on a regular basis possible.  Even though I established a minimum bid to do the work, I had hoped and needed for the bids to really get much higher. 

If you have a band that would like to have its song "Rock-afired", and can afford reasonable rates to have the work done, please write me at and we can discuss it.

Meanwhile, if you have bid on a song on this list and are upset that I won't be getting to program your song for quite a while and wish to have your bid money returned, please write me and let me know so I can give you a refund.

Thank you to all who have participated in this idea, and please still look for all the newest productions to come out on my YouTube channel, "therockafire".

Aaron Fechter

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